Justin Bieber is a Bad Boy. So screams this Rolling Stone cover.
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We can see Justin Bieber's butt! TMZ has uncovered this photo of the naked singer singing to his grandmother on Thanksgiving.
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This photo says it all on its own: Justin Bieber is totally naked and holding a guitar. Swoon away!
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Justin Bieber is shirtless in Mexico! The singer has posted this photo to Instagram.
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Justin Bieber is gonna be okay, folks. He's pictured here in the hospital after fainting at a London show.
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Justin Bieber has posted yet another shirtless photo of himself. We're guessing fans don't mind.
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Who needs a shirt?!? Not Justin Bieber in this photograph.
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Justin Bieber gets shirtless on Instagram. You are welcome, ladies. We think?
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Justin Bieber is once again shirtless. This is a picture of the singer in China.
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Justin Bieber does not appear to be sober in this photo. But he does appear to be hot!
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Justin Bieber does his thing here in China. While not wearing a shirt, of course.
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Justin Bieber is shirtless again. He's performing here in his native nation of Canada.
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Justin Bieber Biography

Topless Justin Bieber Justin Bieber is a young, wildly popular singer. He dominated the music world in 2010, earning the most YouTube videos AND becoming the... More »
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