Justin Bieber has posted this photo of himself on Instagram and then mocked those who thinks he goes shirtless too often.
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Justin Bieber does his thing here in China. While being shirtless, of course.
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Yes, Justin Bieber is shirtless. Again. And this time he's joined by friends that include Lil Twist.
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Justin Bieber is shirtless again on Instagram. He posted this photo in April 2013.
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Yes, Justin Bieber is shirtless again. But this time it's for a spread in Teen Vogue.
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Justin Bieber says there's "no time to waste." That's what he wrote as a caption to this Instagram photo.
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Ready to drool, Justin Bieber fans? The singer is wearing nothing but underwear in this amazing photo.
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Justin Bieber is at his crotch-grabbing best in this photo.
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