The third of five text message screen caps allegedly sent from Justin Bieber to Selena Gomez. It's pretty interesting if true.
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Fans in San Antonio receive a thumbs-up here from Justin Bieber? He really is a great performer.
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What up, Justin Bieber! The singer poses here on Instagram for an extreme close up.
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Run, Justin Bieber, run! The singer, sans shirt, takes off down the beach in Cabo here. He vacationed there in early 2012.
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Watch Taylor Swift react to Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez pecking each other on the cheek in this gif. It's rather classic.
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Yovanna Ventura is a mode. She's lucky enough to be hanging out here with Justin Bieber.
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Justin Bieber sees himself as akin to Michael Jackson, posting this photo on Instagram. Do you see his point?
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In this picture, Justin Bieber performs on stage at O2 Arena in London, England. Gotta love the purple sunglasses, don't you?
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Justin Bieber Biography

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Justin Bieber is a young, wildly popular singer. He dominated the music world in 2010, earning the most YouTube videos AND becoming the... More »
Ontario, Canada
Full Name
Justin Bieber