Justin Bieber loves Selena Gomez. Just see these pics from happier times and you'll know it.
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The Biebs sports blonde hair. Insiders say his behavior has improved greatly in recent months.
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Selena Gomez assumes the position in Justin Bieber's new Instagram video.
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Justin Bieber got photoshopped to high heaven by Calvin Klein. Look at the public hair and six pack the brand gave him.
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Run, Justin Bieber, run! The singer, sans shirt, takes off down the beach in Cabo here. He vacationed there in early 2012.
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Justin Bieber has Selena Gomez back where he wants her in this video he posted online.
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Justin Bieber covers this issue of Rolla Coaster. No, really, it's an actual magazine!
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It doesn't get much more clear than this: Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are holding hands!
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Justin Bieber is a young, wildly popular singer. He dominated the music world in 2010, earning the most YouTube videos AND becoming the... More »
Ontario, Canada
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Justin Bieber