Nude photos of Justin Bieber leaked online today. The world finally knows what the Biebs is packing downstairs.
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Justin Bieber sings his heart out here during a performance at the 2016 Billboard Music Awards. He sang both "Sorry" and "Company."
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Justin Bieber must work out. Just look at the photo he has posted to Instagram. HAWT!
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HOLY! Justin Bieber, you dog! The singer has shared this photo on Instagram and written "Lord Knows" as the caption. Is he pretending to bone Kourtney Kardashian and making a reference to Scott Disick as the "Lord?"
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Justin Bieber sprained his ankle during a pickup game of basketball in Cincinnati.
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Justin Bieber got photoshopped to high heaven by Calvin Klein. Look at the public hair and six pack the brand gave him.
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Justin Bieber poses here on the red carpet of the 2015 American Music Awards. He's quite easy on the eyes, huh?
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Justin Bieber has no shirt on in this photo. He is rocking a pair of earphones, however.
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Justin Bieber sprained his ankle during basketball and shared this pic of it to Instagram.
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Justin Bieber is 100% naked in this Instagram photo. He's also on a boat in Australia, but whatever.
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Justin Bieber and his stuffed crotch are taking over Facebook today. At least we assume it's been stuffed, because come on.
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Justin Bieber shared this concert photo on his Instagram page. We're just surprised, and disappointed, that he's wearing a shirt.
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