Jonah Hill, an Oscars nominee?!? It's been true twice now, including his 2014 nomination for The Wolf of Wall Street.
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We can totally see Jonah Hill as a kid looking like Jonah Hill actually looked as a kid.
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Jonah Hill appeared at the ESPY Awards with a shaved head. Do you like the look?
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Jonah Hill smiles. What a funny actor. In a little hot water now, though.
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Jonah Hill is one of countless celebrity Laker fans. This is a shot of him at a 2010 playoff game against the Phoenix Suns.
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Jonah Hill poses here on the Wolf of Wall Street red carpet. He's great in that film!
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Jonah Hill has a thing for Channing Tatum. That much is clear based on this Twitter photo.
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Jonah Hill has lost a great deal of weight. He shows off that new figure at the premiere of Moneyball in Oakland.
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Jonah Hill is a young, portly actor known for his hilarious roles in Accepted, Evan Almighty, Knocked Up and Superbad. And, if his resume... More »
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