Jon Gosselin speaks here to Entertainment Tonight. The horrible father says he's sad about his situation with his kids, who he rarely sees.
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The good old days of John and Kate Plus 8. As good as they could've been, anyway.
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Jon Gosselin is smiling here. Not because of his financial situation, which is said to be real bad.
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Jon Gosselin took a photo of himself shirtless at a lake.
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A promotional photo for Jon and Kate Plus 8, way back in the day. Oh how things have changed.
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Hailey Glassman and Jon Gosselin are seeing each other. It has been confirmed. Look, here they are.
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Jon Gosselin is not pleased. Most likely because he is married to Kate Gosselin. That or his Bluetooth headset is not working.
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Jon Gosselin revs up a motorcycle in this scene from Jon & Kate Plus 8. In related news, he hasn't ridden his wife in years.
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Are Jon Gosselin and Hailey Glassman engaged? No way in hell. But when has fact come between In Touch Weekly and a hot gossipy story?
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Jon Gosselin chills with half of his brood. Gotta love this guy and all his exploits.
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This tabloid cover says it all: Jon and Kate Gosselin have been separated for months. Don't act like you're shocked.
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This photo of Jon Gosselin and Hailey Glassman shows the lovebirds in St. Tropez, happy as clams. Or happy as a newly-single father of eight and 22-year-old party girl mistress with an arrest record, at least.
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Jon Gosselin is the father of a lot of children. He's got his big break as one half of the couple in the title of the show Jon and Kate... More »
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