Stephanie Bongiovi with father Jon Bon Jovi. The former OD'd on heroin in this week supposedly.
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Jon Bon Jovi is an American legend. He has enjoyed quite the music career.
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Jon Bon Jovi is among the living. Phew.
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Jon Bon Jovi takes to the guitar during this performance. He's pictured at the 2010 American Music Awards.
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Jon Bon Jovi has been around for decades. But his band is still going strong, as proven by its performance at the American Music Awards.
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Who out there doesn't love Bon Jovi? Seriously, we're asking: this band rocks!
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Jon Bon Jovi shirtless and reading a book by Bill Clinton in December 2011. You are welcome, ladies.
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Bon Jovi is off on its Because We Can tour. We're huge fans of the iconic rock group.
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Looking dapper, Bon Jovi! This rocker sure cleans up well.
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Jon Bon Jovi is a THG favorite. The veteran artist is known for his charitable ways.
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Jon Bon Jovi rocks out in concert here. It's a scene from a show in Portugal.
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