Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer out on the town. They are no longer together, thank goodness!
Jennifer Aniston gets a hug and a kiss from John Mayer. Or so it would appear in this photo, at least.
John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston hold hands as they leave a restaurant in New York City.
John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston leave a restaurant in New York. Lucky. We love restaurants.
There's no question Jennifer Aniston wears the pants in this relationship. Why? Because it's John Mayer. Come on.
Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer roll to dinner in New York City.
Jennifer Aniston ducks out to avoid the celeb news media after retreating home with John Mayer. We wouldn't wanna do that walk of shame, either.
John and Jennifer. Jennifer and John. Jen and John. Call Aniston and Mayer what you will, here they are at a New York restaurant in December 2008.

John Mayer Biography

John Mayer With Long Hair
John Mayer is a singer, songwriter, guitar player and Grade A douchebag hailing from Connecticut. The cheesy musician has become a major... More »
Bridgeport, Connecticut
Full Name
John Clayton Mayer

John Mayer Quotes

The feathered cut projects an attitude of ease and quiet confidence that seems to have all but eluded our generation. This is a work in progress, and as my hair grows longer it will serve to become a more stirring and poignant statement.

John Mayer [on haircut]

To adults who will vote for him, Barack Obama represents a return to prosperity. To the youth, he represents an introduction to it.

John Mayer