What a douchebag. The man personifies the term, in fact. John Mayer can be described in no other way. At least no more accurate way.
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John Mayer calls himself a rocker. Hmmph. We would choose another description.
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Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer hit up a New York restaurant in December 2008.
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Ayer, as in Aniston and Mayer? Eh, Maniston probably works better. Sorry.
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John Mayer sucks, but he's got Jennifer Aniston, so we have to give the man props to a certain degree. It pains us but we must.
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That guy's name escapes us... he's some sort of singer.
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John Mayer must be great in the sack. It can't be his lame songs that keep the ladies crawling back. Or maybe it can ...
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It's a couple we've dreaded from the start. John Mayer and his reported new girlfriend, Friday Night Lights star Minka Kelly, are spotted out in L.A. over the weekend. Grim.
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John Mayer Biography

John Mayer With Long Hair
John Mayer is a singer, songwriter, guitar player and Grade A douchebag hailing from Connecticut. The cheesy musician has become a major... More »
Bridgeport, Connecticut
Full Name
John Clayton Mayer

John Mayer Quotes

The feathered cut projects an attitude of ease and quiet confidence that seems to have all but eluded our generation. This is a work in progress, and as my hair grows longer it will serve to become a more stirring and poignant statement.

John Mayer [on haircut]

To adults who will vote for him, Barack Obama represents a return to prosperity. To the youth, he represents an introduction to it.

John Mayer