Jessica Stroup is seen here in a photo spread in Esquire. We don't know why she's wet... but we don't care!
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Jessica Stroup in her "long" hair look. But with legs as long as hers she can easily pull off the short hairstyle.
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Jessica Stroup has searing, sexy blue eyes. She's seen here at the 2009 CW upfront presentations.
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Jessica Stroup portrays Erin Silver on 90210. She's seen here at the cast's season one wrap party.
Rating: 4.9 / 5.0
Jessica Stroup is the best looking of all the 90210 actresses. She's seen here in Esquire.
Rating: 4.6 / 5.0
Jessica Stroup really is naked in this photograph, we promise. She's just covering her body with a sheet.
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The good folks at People Magazine think these 90210 stars are among the most beautiful in the world. They're certainly the skinniest.
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Welcome to 90210, Joe Jonas. The pop star appears as himself on the episode "Mother Dearest."
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Jessica Stroup stars on 90210. After posing for this photo, she'll likely star in the fantasies of many men, as well.
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Jessica Stroup has gone red. What do you think of this actress' much shorter hairdo?
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Adrianna and Joe Jonas are interviewed in this scene from 90210. The latter guest stars as himself.
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Jessica Stroup is a very pretty actress on 90210. She plays the character of Silver on that CW hit.
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Jessica Stroup plays the sexy, fun character of Silver on 90210. This South Carolina native received a scholarship offer at age 18 to... More »
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