This Jessica Biel nude pic needs no introduction. What can you say about it that doesn't speak for itself. It's Jessica Biel naked in the bathroom sink, people! God!
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Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are expecting twins, if you believe anything LIfe & Style puts on its cover (or inside, for that matter).
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Jessica Biel was only 17 years old when she posed for this half-naked photo. The actress, who starred on 7th Heaven at the time, later said she regretted taking the picture at such a young age.
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Jessica Biel makes sure every guy in the world is jealous of that rock.
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This Jessica Biel nude pic is from a few years ago. We can only hope the actress gets naked on screen soon.
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From Gear magazine when she was 17, here's Jessica Biel nude. She's now ashamed of this picture spread.
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Jessica Biel wows us with her hotness, but it's a funny guy who really turns her on. Too bad our celebrity gossip blog isn't that funny.
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She's wearing underwear, and she's covering up her breasts, but this is probably as close to a Jessica Biel nude photo as you'll get. Unless your name is Justin Timberlake, that is.
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Here's a great picture of Jessica Biel.
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Think Jessica Biel is attractive? Readers of Maxim sure do. They voted her the third hottest woman in the world during the magazine's 2008 poll.
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Justin Timberlake? Jessica Biel? Timbielake? Eh, it doesn't really work. But you know what does work? Those two hot bodies together as a couple.
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A picture of the glamorous Jessica Biel. She's awesome.
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Jessica Biel is a popular and pretty darn attractive young actress. She dates Justin Timberlake (and has for awhile). Jessica Biel... More »
Ely, Minnesota
Full Name
Jessica Claire Biel