Jenny McCarthy guest-starred on many Two and a Half Men episodes. She played Charlie Sheen's love interest.
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Jenny McCarthy in Playboy. Naked. And censored. But you can use your imagination or buy the magazine.
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Jenny McCarthy poses in Playboy. In the shower, specifically.
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Jenny McCarthy is attractive. PHEW, glad we got that off our chest. Speaking of chests, wow.
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Jenny McCarthy looking hot as the day is long in a bikini for Playboy.
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This is some of the hottest wallpaper of all time. Thank you Jenny McCarthy. Thank you.
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Jenny McCarthy nude on the cover of Playboy, 2012 style. The model looks just as amazing 19 years after her debut.
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Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy arrive to see 'A Christmas Carol' while in London. Of course Jenny was going to color coordinate her outfit with the holiday.
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Jenny McCarthy. Voted the all-time hottest Playmate apparently. We'll buy it.
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Jenny McCarthy's vintage Playboy cover. Gotta love it.
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Jenny McCarthy. Clothed. Not what you hand in mind maybe, but still hot.
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Check out this new Jenny McCarthy Playboy pic. Not what you yearned for, we know. But deal.
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