J-Lo is looking better than ever these days. The 44 year old recently released her 8th album.
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JLo posted a photo of herself partying with Kim K. on Instagram. Somehow, Lopez looks younger than Kim!
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J-Lo rocks a white swimsuit. At 44, she's looking better than ever.
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Remember when Jennifer Lopez was really famous? Feels like a very long time ago, doesn't it?
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For reasons unknown, Jennifer Lopez wore this outfit on New Year's Eve. Do you find it sexy?
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Sorry, Jennifer Lopez. But this tight catsuit is even less sexy from behind.
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Remember when Jennifer Lopez was famous? Those days feel like a very, very long time ago.
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Looking fierce, Jennifer Lopez! The former A-lister poses here outside Radio City Music Hall, where the MTV Music Awards were held in 2009.
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Jennifer Lopez played a role in the Celebrity Beach Bowl. What role was that? Washed up A-lister.
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They weren't nominated for anything. But Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony still showed up at the Academy Awards.
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Yes, we admire Jennifer Lopez for being proud of her curves. But that doesn't mean we think this is an attractive outfit on her... or anyone.
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Jennifer Lopez does the right thing in this photo: she's shielding her young one from the cold and from celebrity gossip photographers.
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Jennifer Lopez Biography

Jennifer Lopez is Pregnant Jennifer Lopez is divorced from Marc Anthony and the mother of twins. She's also enjoyed a revived music career thanks to her gig as an... More »
The Bronx, New York
Full Name
Jennifer Lopez