That is a big ass photo of JWoww's tattoo. Good grief look at the size of that thing.
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JWoww from Jersey Shore shows off her new tattoo. And her ass. It's not small. We don't mean that in a negative way, it's actually a hot pic. Just saying.
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Check out JWoww's infamous tattoo. And massive fake boobs. Girl definitely know the look she is going for.
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JWoww poses in a bikini for Inked Magazine. Hubba. Hubba.
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JWoww from Jersey Shore poses for Inked Magazine. Holla!
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JWoww recently got a new tiger tattoo. Fan? Not a fan?
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Jenni Farley is a cast member on the hit show Jersey Shore. The program debuted in late 2009 and the cast members are wicked trashy, but... More »
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