Jenn Sterger rose to fame as a beautiful Florida State football fan. Now, she's turned that beauty and attitude into a career as an online sports columnist and model.
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Hottest. College. Girl. Ever. That pretty much sums up Jenn Sterger. The Florida State graduate and Playboy model has also, incredibly, written for Sports Illustrated's official website.
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It's hard to blame Brett Favre for wanting to holler at the smoldering Jenn Sterger. Easy to blame him for actually doing it though. Dude is married. Texting a pic of your wang, too? That's just gross B-dawg.
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This is Jenn Sterger, the hot girl Brett Favre was allegedly trying to put it to. Dd he succeed? We may never know.
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Jenn Sterger is pretty good looking. We'll give Brett Favre credit for taste in young reporters to holler at ... and a D-minus for the actual hollering.
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This is Jenn Sterger. She was the recipient of pics of Brett Favre's johnson. Or so the story goes.
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Jenn Sterger is the woman Brett Favre is accused of sending pics of his genitals to. He has good taste, we'll give him that. But as far as his flirting goes? Dude, keep it in your pants. It's not that difficult to not photograph your wang and send it to some girl unsolicited.
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