Jenn Sterger? Hot. Brett Favre? Still a dumbass.
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Jenn Sterger? Somewhat attractive. Brett Favre? Good taste. But terrible form. Asking a girl for a masturbation video? Give us a break, Brett.
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This is one of the cleaner images from Jenn Sterger's Playboy spread. Brett Favre probably owns the issue.
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Jennifer Sterger (a.k.a. Jenn Sterger) allegedly received a text message packed with Brett Favre's package. Some voicemails too. That's just ... wrong and hilarious.
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This is Jenn Sterger topless. Brett Favre liked to imagine this, and for that, we can't blame him. Texting her photos of his d!ck was taking it a bit far, though.
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Jennifer Sterger, also known as Jenn Sterger, is the girl Brett Favre allegedly sent photos of his c**k too. Dumbass move ... but at least dude can spot a hottie. Holy crap.
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Jenn Sterger is an underwear model, Playboy centerfold and former reporter for the New York Jets. Oh, and the girl Brett Favre was hollering at.
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Here's a Jenn Sterger nude photo from this sports fan's Playboy pictorial. Simply attended a Florida State/Miami football game - and looking hot - was the smartest decision this young coed ever made. She's become an online columnist for Sports Illustrated and a nude model.
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