Some fans are citing Jenelle Evans' latest pic as evidence that she's pregnant. Ironically, the photo was intended to promote Flat Tummy Tea.
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Yeah. Jenelle Evans has stepped in it once again ...
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Jenelle Evans shared a photo of herself with a pink filter.
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Jenelle Evans holds her son Kaiser during an episode of Teen Mom 2.
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Jenelle Evans appears to have lost a LOT of weight in recent weeks. The Teen Mom 2 star says she owes it all to a special tea.
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The cast of MTV's Teen Mom 2. The fab four are coming back for more in Season 8!
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Jenelle Evans flaunts her iconic fake boobs on the beach and shows Nathan Griffith exactly what he's missing ... and what you could be pressed up against if you're on Tinder.
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Jenelle Evans would like to address the rumors that she's pregnant. And she'd like to do so in a bikini for some reason.
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Jenelle Evans posted then deleted this pic to Instagram while promoting a weight loss supplement. The problem is, it isn't Jenelle's body.
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Jenelle Evans flaunts her bikini body and shows Nathan Griffith what he's missing ... and the Tinder community what's available.
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Jenelle Evans was accused of endangering her child during a recent boating expedition. So today, she decided to show her fans how serious she is about safety.
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Jenelle Evans' boyfriend David Eason seems kind of not nice and not stable. This applies to all of her lovers of course.
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