Beyonce and Jay Z recently celebrated their anniversary in Hawaii. Fortunately, some fellow tourists were able to snap some photos of the occasion.
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The Carters recently vacationed in Hawaii. For some reason, they rode in the back of a pickup at one point.
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Jay-Z is the man. Don't even front.
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Ronald Deaver is not a celebrity, but he makes our celebrity mug shot gallery by stabbing someone for not knowing Jay-Z and Beyonce are married.
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Jay Z and Beyonce. What a couple!
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Beyonce and Jay-Z are like the coolest couple ever.
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Jay-Z and Beyonce are pretty much the best celebrity couple in history. If you have to ask why, you obviously need to get a clue.
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Jay-Z and Beyonce supposedly are expecting a baby. We'll see if that's true or not.
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Jay-Z has seen Beyonce nude many times. What a lucky rapper. A hip hop star, record producer, entrepreneur, and occasional actor Jay-Z is... More »
Brooklyn, New York
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Shawn Corey Carter