This is way too easy. Sex tape star and serial Hollywood dater Jasmine Waltz inhales a banana in this photo.
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Bartender Jasmine Waltz met Ryan Seacrest during a night out for the latter. They've been dating ever since.
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On the left, Jasmine Waltz looks pretty and smiles. On the right? She poses for a mug shot.
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Jasmine Waltz admits she made a sex tape with an ex-boyfriend. This is allegedly a photo from said tape.
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Jasmine Waltz has slept with David Arquette. And Ryan Seacrest. And Dough Reinhardt and, well, the list is very long, okay?
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This is a photo of David Arquette and Jasmine Waltz. The latter says these two engaged in "quick" sex on multiple occasions.
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Jasmine Waltz Biography

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Jasmine Waltz is an aspiring actress that has worked as a bartender at a number of Hollywood hot spots, such as Les Deux. Waltz enjoyed a... More »
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Jasmine Waltz