We may be alone in this, but we think Janice Dickinson has had plastic surgery. Do you agree?
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Phew, Janice Dickinson isn't totally naked here. But she is a total moron for focusing her efforts on saving fur.
Rating: 3.8 / 5.0
Janice Dickinson really needs to get a room. And a life. She is seen here trying to get attention via a major make out session.
Rating: 2.2 / 5.0
This is how Janice Dickinson rolls. Standing alongside her boyfriend, she saw a camera and simulated oral sex in order to make sure a photograph was taken.
Rating: 2.2 / 5.0
Janice Dickinson formerly work on America's Next Top Model. But she is no longer a fan of the show. Far from it, in fact.
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Janice Dickinson announced in late 2012 that she's engaged. Yes, someone wants to marry this.
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Our thoughts and prayers go out to Janice Dickinson. The model was diagnosed with breast cancer in March of 2016.
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