Janet Jackson's holiday card. Season's Greetings, people.
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Do you dig Janet Jackson's new hairstyle? The singer shaved off almost all her locks in the spring of 2010.
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Janet Jackson is officially a billionaire. Can you believe it?
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Janet Jackson and Wissam Al Man are married! They made this exciting announcement in February 2013.
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Janet Jackson is apparently pissed at Oprah. Well, if you believe this National Enquirer cover anyway.
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Hello there, cleavage! Janet Jackson strikes a pose here at the 2012 AMFAR Cinema Against Aids Party.
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Janet Jackson has been working out hard and she wants everyone to know it. The singer has been seen wearing less and less these days and we can't complain.
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Janet Jackson entertains the crowd here in Miami. The singer was rumored to be joining The X Factor, but then shot that rumor down in March 2012.
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