Jamie Kennedy and Jennifer Love Hewitt have never met a camera they didn't embrace. Or make out in front of.
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Despite rumors to the contrary, Jamie Kennedy and Jennifer Love Hewitt are still together. Does anyone even care?
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Jamie Kennedy and Jennifer Love Hewitt are seen here at the premiere of Finding Bliss. Does this dude realize how lucky he is?!?
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Jamie Kennedy and Jennifer Lovw Hewitt vacationed in Hawaii. And were happy to make out in front of photographers.
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Is Jamie Kennedy grabbing Jennifer Love Hewitt's breast in this photo? The couple attended the New Moon premiere together.
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It's sad, but true: Jamie Kennedy is dating Jennifer Love Hewitt. It will take us awhile to get over this.
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Ross McCall's loss is Jamie Kennedy's gain. He's now having sex with McCall's former fiancee, Jennifer Love Hewitt.
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Jamie Kennedy looks over at Jennifer Love Hewitt and realizes how lucky he is. Enjoy it while you can, dork face!
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Jamie Kennedy Biography

JK and JLH We really hate Jamie Kennedy. How is this guy dating Jennifer Love Hewitt?!? The random actor met the beautiful star when he appeared on... More »
Upper Darby, Pennsylvania
Full Name
James Harvey Kennedy