Donald Trump and Ivanka Trump earlier this year. Yes, she was fathered by that guy.
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Ivanka with no filter. There's nothing this woman could do to make herself not hot.
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Hello Ivanka Trump! And hello newborn son! The reality star gave birth in October 2013.
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Congratulations, Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner! These two welcomed a child into the world in October 2013.
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Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner are expecting their second child. We wish this couple all the best!
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Ivanka Trump as a kid. The Donald's daughter is a bona fide beauty.
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Ivanka Trump looks awfully darn cute here. It's a bit of a strange photo, but one that works for us.
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Ivanka Trump has some very nice breasts. And you can tell The Donald we said that!
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Ivanka takes a selfie. Even the fabulously wealthy do SOME things for themselves!
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Donald Trump's children have received a lot of attention this week. Some insiders say that if it weren't for his kids, there would be no Trump candidacy.
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Yay for Ivanka Trump! The daughter of Donald Trump announces, in very cute fashion, that she is expecting baby number-three.
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A throwback Instagram shows Ivanka Trump stroking her dad, Donald's face.
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Ivanka Trump Biography

Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump
The Donald's daughter. Ivanka Trump may have gotten it on with Lance Armstrong. She's took part in a season of The Apprentice, as well. More »
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Ivanka Trump