Holly Montag and Lauren Conrad exit the club. Careful, ladies, it's cold outside!
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Holly Montag and Lauren Conrad leave Club Butter in NYC.
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An image of Holly Montag. And a pretty decent one. She is not as repulsively fake looking as Heidi.
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LC and Holly Montag (we think) exit the 'Southern Hospitality' Restaurant Holiday Party at Club Butter.
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This is a nice picture of Holly Montag, sister of Heidi and reality TV non-star in her own right. Too bad she and Sanjaya are not dating.
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Heidi and Holly Montag are peas in a pod. Or like sisters. Either way, they are pretty close and look cute posing together.
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Lauren Conrad and Holly Montag leave the club. It's cold!
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Heidi's mom and sister are none too pleased with her recent plastic surgery. One can't really blame them for their opposition.
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Yes. Yes she does. Quite often, in fact, but never more artistically than here in this image.
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Holly Montag and husband Richie Wilson are expeting their first child together! Congrats!
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Yes, this photo of Holly Montag is from way back in 2010. Good luck trying to find a new one of the former reality star!
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LC and Holly
Holly Montag is the sister of The Hills' Heidi Montag. She has recently appeared on the program as well. Holly Montag, we hardly know ye.... More »
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