Farrah Abraham exercises extremely bad judgment - again - in sharing this photo, supporting presidential nominee Donald Trump
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Clinton and Trump are squaring off one last time in Vegas. Who will win?
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Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are involved in the nastiest political campaign of our time. Someone must win it.
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Mitt, get a life!
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Hillary Clinton tells the Prez and the Veep to get back to work.
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Hillary Clinton wears no makeup during her recent diplomatic trip to Asia. She looks great, too.
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Hillary Clinton and Meryl Streep exchange texts in this awesome Internet meme.
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Christina Aguilera gets checked out by Hillary Clinton. Or so it appears.
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Hillary Clinton has earned global respect as Secretary of State. Will she run for a higher office in 2016?
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Hillary Clinton, U.S. Secretary of State, at the Clinton Global Initiative earlier this year.
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Hillary Clinton in early 2012. The Secretary of State kicks a$$ and takes names.
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Just running the world, Barack.
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Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin Texting
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