Heath Ledger at the premiere of Brokeback Mountain in New York City. Heath always seems to prefer some sort of facial hair arrangement at all times.
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Rest in peace, Heath Ledger. This talented actor left a daughter behind when he died in 2008.
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It is the role he has always been best known for. Say hello to Heath Ledger as The Joker.
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A singing, dancing Heath Ledger romancing a young, sarcastic Julia Stiles? Makes us miss Heath even more!
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Heath Ledger (1979-2008) on the cover of Us Weekly, which details some of his past struggles with addiction. Rest in peace, Heath.
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Heath Ledger isn't exactly known for having a clean shaven face so a photo like this is kind of rare. The photo was taken at the 'Lords of Dogtown' premiere.
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Heath Ledger with the cast of Brokeback Mountain at the Toronto Film Festival. The cast was on hand to answer questions from the media.
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We still mourn the death of Heath Ledger. He passed away in 2008.
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Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal posing for a picture at the Director's Guild Awards. The two have been in the news lately due to their on-screen kiss.
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Heath Ledger was a handsome, talented star hailing from Australia. From The Patriot to The Joker in the forthcoming The Dark Knight, this... More »
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