Harrison Ford talks Indiana Jones and is tapped for Expendables 3. Check it out!
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If Ford had his trusty co-pilot with him, he probably never would have crashed into a golf course. Lesson learned!
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Harrison Ford is an American icon. He's one of our favorite actors of all-time.
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Harrison Ford as Han Solo in the original Star Wars trilogy. What a great character.
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Why wasn't Harrison rod injured when he crashed his plane? Because he's Indiana Jones, b--ches!
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Everyone loves Harrison Ford. And everyone hopes he makes a full recovery from a plane crash in March 2015.
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Harrison Ford crashed his plane into a golf course yesterday. Naturally, the Internet was quick with the Millennium Falcon jokes.
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It doesn't get more Internet than this. Some ingenious Twitter user combined the two big stories of the day: Harrison Ford's plane crash, and the airborne weasel.
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