Gia Allemand from The Bachelor poses practically nude for Maxim. Wonder if Jake Pavelka knew about this when she was competing on the show ... or when that idiot sent her packing.
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Gia Allemand from The Bachelor is a hot girl. There is little doubt about that. Can she outlast that half-wit Vienna? Who knows.
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This is Gia Allemand from The Bachelor. She apparently did some modeling before coming on the show. Wow, did she ever!
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Gia Allemand of The Bachelor fame looks amazing in a bikini. No wonder Jake likes her. Oh, who are we kidding, Jake's thoughts are G-rated.
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Gia from The Bachelor poses in her underwear for Maxim. This "model" may have been understating her skills on the show.
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This lingerie photo features Gia Allemand from The Bachelor in Maxim. That's quite an angle, eh, Jake?
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This pic of Gia from The Bachelor speaks for itself. Jake Pavelka, if you don't pick Gia Allemand, you are insane dog.
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This is Gia Allemand. She is vying for Jake Pavelka's heart on The Bachelor. She has a couple of strong assets going for her.
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Gia Allemand Biography

Gia Allemand Photo
Gia Allemand is a swimsuit model from New York, N.Y. She is vying for the heart of Jake Pavelka on The Bachelor, ABC's long-running... More »
New York, New York
Full Name
Gia Allemand