It's soon gonna be all over for George and Amal Clooney. According to this funny tabloid cover, the couple is on the verge of a divorce.
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The new issue of In Touch claims that George and Amal Clooney are headed for divorce. Naturally, the report is almost certainly bogus.
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Say hello to George Clooney and his latest squeeze. Her name is Elisabetta Canalis and she's gorgeous.
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George Clooney is quite smitten. He really seems to be into Elisabetta Canalis.
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George Clooney brought girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis and his mother to the premiere of Up in the Air. He may be the most perfect man in the world.
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Let's get up close and personal with George Clooney. The actor is seen here at the world premiere of Up in the Air.
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Elisabetta Canalis has made George Clooney a very happy man. But he finally have found The One? We'll see.
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George Clooney made his first public appearance with girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis at the premiere of The Men Who Stare at Goats. Yes, that's the name of an actual movie.
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George Clooney Biography

George Clooney seems like a great, fun guy. He's also one of the top actors of our generation and someone who makes all women swoon.... More »
Lexington, Kentucky
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George Clooney

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I am the sexiest man of peace.

George Clooney

Sydney made the world a little better, movies a little better and even dinner a little better. A tip of the hat to a class act. He'll be missed terribly.

George Clooney [on Sydney Pollack]