Looking good, Emmy Rossum! The actress poses here for Esquire.
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Emmy Rossum as a kid. And an adorable one at that by any measure.
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Emmy Rossum is not shy. Ogle this photo of the actress in Esquire now.
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Emmy Rossum is topless in this photo for Esquire. She looks very good.
Rating: 3.5 / 5.0
Emmy Rossum in Complex. The Shameless star has never been shy about her body.
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Emmy Rossum in Complex, wearing something we don't even know what to say about.
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Emmy Rossum in Complex Magazine. Showing off good workplace safety standards, which is nice to see.
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Emmy Rossum on the cover of Complex magazine. We're going to guess the pics inside are rather revealing.
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Does Emmy Rossum win best, worst or somewhere-in-between dressed? Here she is at the 2014 CFDA fashion awards.
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Emmy Rossum stars on Showtime's Shameless. But we feel no shame staring at her in this dress!
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Emmy Rossum has some beautiful hair. And other attributes.
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Emmy Rossum stars on Shameless. Here, she stars on the 2016 Emmy red carpet.
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Emmy Rossum is a Golden Globe-nominated actress and singer, probably most well known for her leading roles in the films The Day After... More »
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