Filming Gossip Girl with Elizabeth Hurley, Chace Crawford struts down the Gossip Girl set.
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Does anyone wanna tell Elizabeth Hurley her boob is showing? No? Okay, we're fine with that.
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Elizabeth Hurley has come out with her own line of swimwear. She models a suit here and let's just say: we approve!
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Gemma Atkinson nude is an attractive picture. Like Lucy Pinder and other British models, Gemma is often naked.
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We'd be smiling, too, if we were you, Shane Warne. Elizabeth Hurley is quite the catch!
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Shane Warne has very good taste. He's seen here with Elizbath Hurley, with whom the Australian says he's in love.
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Elizabeth Hurley will play a major role on Gossip Girl in the fall of 2011. We can't wait to watch!
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That's a really nice dress, Elizabeth Hurley. It does wonders for your breasts.
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Elizabeth Hurley is a British beauty. She's starred in a few decent movies, too. Not that many, don't get us wrong. Elizabeth Hurley... More »
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