Eliza Dushku is looking pretty hot in this picture. When you are an attractive woman who unbuttons your shirt, this tends to be the reaction you are going for.
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An Eliza Dushku pic like this is bound to stir up some controversy. Eh, maybe not, it's not that bad. Pretty hot, though.
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Eliza Dushku stars in the new Fox show Dollhouse. To promote the drama, she's baring almost all on the cover of Maxim. It's a good strategy.
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Eliza and Rick in happier times. The couple recently broke up after nearly 5 years of dating.
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Eliza Dushku Biography

Eliza Dushku in Maxim
Eliza Dushku is a moderately well-known actress who has appeared in several Hollywood movies such as True Lies, The New Guy, Bring It On... More »
Watertown, Massachusetts
Full Name
Eliza Patricia Dushku