Steve-O and Elisabetta Canalis are dating. Looks like he's about to administer mouth-to-mouth too.
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George Clooney brought girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis and his mother to the premiere of Up in the Air. He may be the most perfect man in the world.
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Elisabetta Canalis and Mehcad Brooks are totally a new couple. They ar de doing some shopping in Italy in this photo.
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You sure about this one, George Clooney? The actor split from Elisabetta Canalis in the summer of 2011.
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Naked, Elisabetta Canalis presses her body up against a wall. George Clooney is supposedly doing something similar right about now. Well, possibly.
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This is Elisabetta Canalis. Nude. George Clooney is not slumming it, that's for sure.
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George Clooney made his first public appearance with girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis at the premiere of The Men Who Stare at Goats. Yes, that's the name of an actual movie.
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Have we mentioned how lucky George Clooney is? He goes home to Elisabetta Canalis every single night.
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This is an old modeling photo of Elisabetta Canalis. The Italian beauty is dating George Clooney.
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Thank you, Maxim! The magazine has published this photo of gorgeous Elisabetta Canalis.
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Elisabetta Canalis is mostly known for having dated George Clooney for a long time. As you can tell, though, she has reasons for being famous in her own. Dizzzamn!
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Elisabetta Canalis bares it all in this ad for PETA. We mean that literally! Birthday suit style!
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Elisabetta Canalis is the ex-girlfriend of George Clooney. They dated for two years and split in the summer of 2011. Canalis has enjoyed... More »
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