Tiger Woods may own the golf course, but we have a feeling Elin Nordegren gives the orders at home. This just makes us even more jealous of Tiger, of course.
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Tiger Woods and fiance Elin Nordegren arrive at the 35th Ryder Cup Matches Gala Dinner at the Fox Theater in Detriot, Michigan on September 15th, 2004.
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This is Tiger Woods' wife nude. Or at least topless. Elin Woods, formerly Elin Nordegren, was a Swedish model. She is still Swedish, and still very hot. But Tiger cheated, dozens of times. Wild.
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Elin Woods is movin' out ... supposedly. The Swedish babe married to Tiger Woods is still living in Florida, at least for the time being.
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Tiger Woods' wife Elin looks amazing in a bikini. That didn't keep him from straying a few dozen times at least, though. Shame.
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Elin Nordegren is the wife of Tiger Woods. At least for another couple of weeks. This is a picture of her back in her modeling days. Wow. Great job, Tiger.
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What are Tiger and Elin Woods hiding? That's a very good question. One we can't claim to answer based on this cover.
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Elin Woods and Tiger Woods battle it out ... for the kids! Not really, but this would be one of our favorite recent tabloid covers.
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Elin Nordegren Woods is the hot, estranged wife of Tiger. He has been trying to win her back, but it may be a lost cause.
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Elin Nordegren Woods is seen here with her children with Tiger Woods. She's reportedly planning on meeting with a divorce lawyer, and who can blame her.
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What did Elin Woods know and when did she know it? Tiger's cheating ways came back to haunt him, but at what point did Elin find out - and what's her next move?
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A former mistress claims Elin knew all about Tiger's affairs. Does she reveal her name or offer any proof? Of course not.
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Elin Nordegren Biography

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Elin Nordegren was the wife of Tiger Woods. Correction: Elin Nordegren was the gorgeous wife of Tiger Woods. She recently won a lawsuit... More »
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