Adam Lambert shares a laugh with boyfriend Drake LaBry as a camera catches them running errands. Nothing fazes these two.
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Adam Lambert isn't shy about his feelings for Drake LaBry. The couple is making out here.
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Aren't Adam Lambert and Drake LaBry adorable? They share a smile here, while out and about.
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All couples should be as adorable as Adam Lambert and Drake LaBry. They are seen here, running errands.
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Say hello to Drake LaBry. This interior designer has been confirmed as Adam Lambert's boyfriend.
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Drake LaBry and Adam Lambert are still going strong. This photo of the couple was taken during their first night in public as a couple.
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After leaving a club in Hollywood, Adam Lambert stops to sign a few autographs. The man next to him, Drake LaBry, is believed to be Lambert's boyfriend.
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Who cares about the paparazzi?!? Adam Lambert and Drake LaBry smile and walk.
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Not a lot is known about Drake LaBry. But we can confirm the following, key fact: He's 24 years old. He's an interior designer. And he's... More »
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Drake LaBry