Alleged Lindsay Lohan burglar Nick Prugo kicks it with Playboy model Tess Taylor and Drake Bell. Not a random crew by any means!
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Drake Bell has fallen on hard times since starring on Nickelodeon. He filed for bankruptcy in early 2014.
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Drake Bell is not a fan of Justin Bieber. He has often come down hard on the singer.
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Sing it, Justin Bieber and Drake! The pair got together at the 2010 Juno Awards.
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Does Drake Bell really have Bieber Fever? Or is he mocking the singer?
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Justin Bieber does his thing in this photo. Courtesy of The Juno Awards, he's singing alongside Drake Bell.
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Drake Bell says a lot of very dumb things. This is a photo of him in a tuxedo.
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Drake Bell has talked some serious trash to Justin Bieber. He isn't a big fan of the singer.
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Tess Taylor
Yes, Drake Bell is Nickelodeon star of the sho, Drake and Josh. But more importantly? He may have been the one Vanessa Hudgens nude pics... More »
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