Did Donald Trump win the first Presidential debate? He looks down and smiles in this photo from it.
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Donald Trump points to his supporters in this video still. Many of them, sadly, would probably take a bullet for him.
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Donald J. Trump wants to Make America Great Again. But will he get enough votes?
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Donald Trump's children have received a lot of attention this week. Some insiders say that if it weren't for his kids, there would be no Trump candidacy.
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Donald Trump did not fare well during the first Presidential debate. This seems to be a universal opinion.
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Is Donald Trump the worst person on the planet? He's gotta be in the bottom 15 at least, right?
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Donald Trump says he's gonna drop a bombshell on Barack Obama this week. What could it be?
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That would be Donald Trump described in one word. Or two if you want to get creative.
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Donald Trump is back for a new season of The Celebrity Apprentice. He looks pissed.
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Donald Trump is all bluster. The real estate mogul talks a very good game and... that's about it.
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You are fired! It's unclear to whom Donald Trump is referring here, but he looks rather serious, huh?
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Donald Trump. What a hilarious blowhard.
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