The first 2016 presidential debate is in the books. We fact-checked several claims made by both candidates.
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Donald Trump did not fare well during the first Presidential debate. This seems to be a universal opinion.
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Donald Trump at the first 2016 presidential debate. The Donald was his usual contentious.
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A throwback Instagram shows Ivanka Trump stroking her dad, Donald's face.
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Donald Trump shakes hands here with Hillary Clinton. The figurative gloves then came off during the actual debate.
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Donald Trump is a man who needs no introduction. His antics speak for himself at this stage of the game.
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Donald Trump gives a speech here in Ohio. We're not sure how he has a single supporter.
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Donald Trump is back for a new season of The Celebrity Apprentice. He looks pissed.
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Donald Trump. What a hilarious blowhard.
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Are Donald and Melania Trump bound for the White House? Somehow we don't see it. But we really hope he tries for the entertainment value alone/
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This is Donald Trump. Fella is quite a blowhard but always livens things up.
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Donald Trump is unafraid to speak his mind. He's a pretty big loser, really, when you think about it.
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