Donald Trump points to his head in this press conference photo. Anyone who uses theirs will NOT vote for Trump.
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Donald Trump stands here with his family. By the time all is said and done, they may be the only ones who vote for him.
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Donald Trump sits down here with ABC. The billionaire wants us to take him seriously as a Presidential candidate.
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Are Donald and Melania Trump bound for the White House? Somehow we don't see it. But we really hope he tries for the entertainment value alone/
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Donald Trump. What a hilarious blowhard.
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Donald Trump is back for a new season of The Celebrity Apprentice. He looks pissed.
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This is an impressive shot of Donald Trump's hair, from a profile point of view. It really is quite the amazing 'do.
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Donald Trump sure knows how to rile up a crowd. His "birther" talk is the talk of the political world.
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Trump vs. Prejean
Donald Trump and his physics-defying hair are taking over the world. Consider yourself warned. Then reach for the remote so that you can... More »
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