Donald Trump stands on stage here with a veteran who gave him a Purple Heart. Trump, of course, accepted it.
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This is Melissa King, the now-former Miss Teen Delaware. And look at that guy with her.
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Kim Kardashian has released the "Presidental Package" of kimojis.
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Donald Trump's relationships with his daughters have been subject to intense scrutiny in recent weeks. At last night's debate, Tiffany Trump seemed to recoil from her father.
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Donald Trump's children have received a lot of attention this week. Some insiders say that if it weren't for his kids, there would be no Trump candidacy.
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The first 2016 presidential debate is in the books. We fact-checked several claims made by both candidates.
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Donald Trump is one of the all-time characters, for better or worse. Typically worse.
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Donald Trump and Sarah Palin at a press conference. The jokes write themselves.
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This is an impressive shot of Donald Trump's hair, from a profile point of view. It really is quite the amazing 'do.
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The Donald Trump campaign's use of a popular meme featuring a cartoon frog has come under fire in recent weeks. It seems there's a sinister side to the animated amphibian.
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Donald Trump is giving this face to a baby in the audience of a speech he gave in Virginia. The guy just hates babies!
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Donald Trump gave Carrie Prejean a second chance, even after her half-nude photos came out. But then he fired the hypocrite and teed off on her.
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