This is a photo of DMX from 2009. He's posing at the Hip Hop Awards.
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You do not want to mess with DMX, people. This rapper has been arrested on many occasions.
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Gotta love DMX. The man gets arrested so damn often, it's become not only old hat, but pretty damn amusing to him. And to us, of course.
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DMX and his longtime girlfriend, Desiree Lindstrom take a selfie together in the bathroom. Lindstrom was pregnant at the time with the couple's first child.
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DMX in his latest mug shot. The August 2013 version is a lot like the previous 20.
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We have so many pics titled "DMX mug shot" on our site that we had to mix it up with his real name on this one. How funny is it that his real name is Earl Simmons!
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DMX in one of his many, MANY mug shots. Wow. What a streak.
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DMX has not been featured here in too long. Too freaking long.
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A classic mug shot of the man known as DMX. Whose real name is Earl Simmons. What a pansy ass name. DMX, you are so lame! Our interns could kick your ass!
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Yet another DMX mug shot. Sigh, man, this dude is nuts. We love our celebrity mug shots and all, but this is getting kinda old, DMX. Pull it together, dog.
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As of May 2009, this photo was taken as DMX was discharged from jail. He is now finally free ... to get arrested again. Woo hoo!
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This mug shot of DMX isn't particularly good, but hey, when you've got nine or 10 of them, a couple are bound to be clunkers.
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