Debbie Rowe likes to lay low. But when it comes to making sure a girl gets paid, well, she'll show up in court for sure.
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Debbie Rowe finds herself swarmed by photographers in the wake of the death of her ex-husband, Michael Jackson. She's not too keen on this.
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Debbie Rowe is Michael Jackson's ex-wife. That must have been the oddest marriage in human history.
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This is Debbie Rowe fashion at its peak. You'd think from the millions Michael Jackson paid her to bear kids for him that she could afford to buy clothes at places other than ... forget it. It's a wolf shirt, though.
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A Debbie Rowe picture from 2002. She has put on a little weight. Not criticizing, just saying.
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Debbie Rowe has resurfaced recently. Or more accurately, celebrity gossip peeps have sought her out, much to her displeasure.
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Debbie Rowe is Michael Jackson's ex-wife. That would take an encyclopedia to explain on its own. Whether or not she is the biological mother of his children Prince and Paris is also in doubt.
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Debbie Rowe and Michael Jackson used to be married. We're guessing they never had sex.
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Debbie Rowe is the mother of Paris Jackson and Prince MJ.
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