A hot bikini photo of Dayana Mendoza. Not that we would have expected otherwise from her.
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Dayana Mendoza is ready to relinquish her crown as Miss Universe. However she is not about to relinquish any hotness. Goodness no.
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Miss Universe Dayana Mendoza sprawled out and naked in the surf. Too bad you can't see more, but what are you gonna do.
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Dayana Mendoza heats up Maxim with bikini pics like this one. We are gonna miss her when she steps down as Miss Universe.
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Miss Universe Dayana Mendoza looks awfully good here. Then again, she is Miss Universe, so why shouldn't she look good topless? It only makes sense.
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There you have it. Dayana Mendoza naked, thanks to your friends at Maxim. This is better than the Heidi Montag Playboy shoot. For one, Dayana is actually hot.
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Dayana Mendoza takes it all off for Maxim. You can't see the results, due to carefully placed hands and camera angles, but it all has been taken off!
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Dayana Mendoza was a truly memorable Miss Universe. She will be missed.
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Dayana Mendoza is going to be posing naked in Maxim. This is probably some of the same kind of action readers of that great publication can expect.
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Dayana Mendoza has been fired on Celebrity Apprentice. It was a good run she had, though.
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A nice picture of Dayana Mendoza topless. Good job, Maxim. Well done.
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Dayana Mendoza Nude
Dayana Mendoza was named Miss Universe 2008. The Miss Venezuela champion is 22 years old, stands 5 feet 10 inches tall and has green... More »
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Dayana Mendoza