Lindsay Lohan on Letterman 4/9/13.
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Who knew Bill Clinton and David Letterman had so much in common? Each has had sexual relations with members of their staff.
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David Letterman is at the center of controversy after he admitted to affairs with staff members. He did so because he is being targeted in an extortion plot.
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David Letterman shakes the hand of Stephen Colbert in this photo. The latter will take over as Late Show host.
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This is a nice side shot of Kristen Stewart's new hair. She showed it off on The Late Show with David Letterman.
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David Letterman waves farewell to the audience here after Lady Gaga performs for the first time on his show.
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David Letterman shares a laugh here with Selena Gomez. She said on the show that she once made Justin Bieber cry.
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David Letterman has been in the news a lot recently for his remarks about Sarah Palin and subsequent apologies. This one will most likely stick as she has accepted it.
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