Crystal Harris is wearing a bikini in this photo. But she's going makeup-free.
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Crystal Harris no longer has breast implants. This is a look at the Playboy model's new chest. Do you like it?
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Crystal Hefner recovers after having breast implants removed on July 15.
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Crystal Harris smiles here in 2013. The model is best known for having actually married Hugh Hefner.
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Crystal Harris is Hugh Hefner's girlfriend. She's never posed for the magazine, but she can be found at under the name "Crystal Carter."
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Sorry, Playboy. But Crystal Harris won't be known as Crystal Hefner, not after she dumped your founder the week of her wedding to him.
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Crystal Harris nude is a sight often seen by Hugh Hefner. Yup, you guessed it: this Playboy model is one of Hef's new, young, blonde girlfriends.
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Yup, Hugh Hefner has another young, pretty girlfriend. Here she is, model Crystal Harris.
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Crystal Harris, far right, poses here with boyfriend Hugh Hefner. Also in the shot? Hef's other two young gal pals, Karissa and Kristina Shannon.
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Crystal Harris and The Shannon Twins tag team Hugh Hefner. That would be an awesome thing to imagine, except for the obvious weirdness.
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Hugh Hefner, Crystal Harris and the Shannon Twins sit and watch the action as Kendra Wilkinson marries Hank Baskett at the Playboy Mansion. Hilarious stuff.
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It's not hard to see Hugh Hefner finds attractive in Crystal Harris, is it? The model is one of Hef's new gal pals.
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Crystal Harris was one of Hugh Hefner's new girlfriends. The Playboy centerfold says she shares the famous mansion with Karissa and... More »
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I believe in opening your heart and letting your walls down.

Crystal Harris

I'm a good girl, for the most part.

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