Corbin Bleu made a very exciting announcement in October of 2014: the former High School Musical star is engaged! To Sasha Clements!
Corbin Bleu got his big break by starring in High School Musical. Since there, he's appeared on Broadway. Impressive!
The Beautiful Life has enlisted Corbin Bleu nude to promote the new show. He is certainly up to the task. Wowza.
Corbin Bleu is starring in a new series called The Beautiful Life on the CW. This High School Musical hottie is ready to come into his own.
Corbin Bleu is trying to leave High School Musical behind. He's starring in a new show on The CW called The Beautiful Life.

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Beautiful Life Actor
There's another hot guy aside from Zac Efron roaming the hallways of High School Musical. It's time to meet Corbin Bleu. He hopes to have... More »
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