A great photo of Chris Brown on Instagram. He is in rehab now so don't expect any more for awhile.
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Chris Brown says he lost his virginity at age eight. And is a beast at sex as a result.
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Chris Brown at the Grammy Awards 2015, where he was nominated for three awards.
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Chris Brown and Rihanna. Few couples have ever inspired as much fascination.
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Whatever he sees, Chris Brown is into it.
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Chris Brown performs live in concert. Team Breezy swoons hardcore.
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Chris Brown has won an award. Here's hoping his second chance at loving life is a good one.
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Chris Brown on stage, having a moment with his fans. It's intense stuff.
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Chris Brown Biography

Chris Brown Tattoo Chris Brown was born in 1989, which means he couldn't even buy beer when he first broke onto the scene. But man, this R&B singer... More »
Tappahannock, Virginia
Full Name
Christopher Maurice Brown