We'd like to think Cheryl Cole is waving to us personally in this photograph. We hope she knows she can call us for a drink at any time.
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Even someone as beautiful as Cheryl Cole is susceptible to dangerous diseases. She came down with malaria in June 2010.
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Dear X-Factor: why did you take Cheryl Cole out of our lives? Why, oh why, did you do this?!?
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Cheryl Cole is totally gorgeous. Some fans admire her back side in this cute picture.
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How hot is Cheryl Cole? Who cares if you can't understand her, that body speaks for itself.
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Sorry, Cheryl Cole. You're gorgeous. But you're not the sexiest woman in the world, as FHM named you in 2009.
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According the FHM, this is the sexiest woman on the planet. Think Cheryl Cole deserves such recognition?
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You're looking at the sexiest woman in the world. That's what FHM has dubbed British beauty Cheryl Cole.
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Will she be a judge or won't she? The future of Cheryl Cole on The X-Factor has become a hotly-debated issue.
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Cheryl Cole poses here for an X-Factor promotional shot. She'll sit on that show's judging panel.
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Cheryl Cole and Derek Hough had a good run. But the pair split up in May of 2011.
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Cheryl Cole performs here in London. The gorgeous singer will play some role on Glee Season 4.
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Cheryl Cole Biography

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In 2009 AND 2010, Cheryl Cole was voted the Sexiest Woman in the World by FHM. That's very lofty praise. Cole is is a British singer and... More »
Full Name
Cheryl Ann Tweedy