Our best wishes go out to Chely Wright and Lauren Blitzer. This couple got engage in April 2011.
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This is the cover for Chely Wright's autobiography. It talks about her struggle as a gay singer in the world of country music.
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Chely Wright and Lauren Blitzer are officially wife and wife. Congrats to the couple!
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Chely Wright and Lauren Blitzer-Wright are expecting twins! They made the announcement in January of 2013.
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Chely Wright is the excited mother of twins! She gave birth in May of 2013.
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Chely Wright is an openly gay artist. She says the announcement has not helped her career at all.
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Chely Wright Biography

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Chely Wright is a country singer. The 39-year-old earned a number-one single back in 1999 with "Single White Female" and was named... More »
Kansas City, Missouri
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Chely Wright