Chelsy Davy is Prince Harry's girlfriend. Man, she's attractive.
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Chelsy Davy and Prince Harry in a file photo from 2007. These two royals are so hot, it's smoldering... our server may literally melt down.
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Pictured above, Chelsy Davy strikes a pose.
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Chelsy Davy is a single woman. The ex-girlfriend of Prince Harry broke free from her relationship in early 2009.
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Are Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy getting back together? We think there is a pretty good chance of that maybe happening! Hot! Oh, wait, that's not even Harry. Our bad! Who knew she had another ginger pal! Nuts.
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Harry and Chelsy hang out. Good for them.
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Are Chelsy Davy and Prince Harry about to break up? British tabloids are reporting on the demise of this lovely couple.
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Will Chelsy Davy get back together with Prince Harry? Brits everywhere are dying to know!
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Chelsy Davy at the Royal Wedding in April 2011. Prince Harry's date looked great.
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Look at this bikini pic of Chelsy Davy. She's smokin'! Not smokin' hot, just smokin'. And apparently limber.
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Gotta love Chelsy Davy in a bikini. If you're Prince Harry at least.
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Prince William, Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy watch the Concert for Diana at Wembley Stadium on July 1, 2007 in London, put on by the two princes.
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Chelsy Davy Biography

Chelsy Davy Photo
Chelsy Davy looks to be quite smitten with Prince Harry. You see a lot of Chelsy Davy photos in which she is all over the Prince. Or at... More »
Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
Full Name
Chelsy Yvonne Davy