Chastity Bono is a LGBT rights advocate and the daughter of Sonny Bono and Cher. She will be undergoing gender reassignment surgery soon.
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Chaz Bono and Jennifer Ella are together. He's now a man dating a woman. Good for Chaz.
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Chaz Bono is working hard and giving the thumbs up. He says he's motivated even more by the haters.
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Chaz and Lacey on Dancing With the Stars.
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Not a pretty sight by any means. But still kind of an impressive one.
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This is Chaz Bono. He used to be Chastity Bono, but changed genders. He's a lot happier now.
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A photo of Chastity Bono, daughter of Cher and Sonny Bono. She will be given surgery to become a man soon.
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Chaz Bono is becoming a man. Literally. He was a she, and he's going for the chance in front of the entire world. That takes ... well, you know.
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Chaz Bono Biography

Chaz Bono Red Carpet Look
Chaz Bono is a well-known LGBT rights advocate, as well as a writer, actor and musician. HE is the child of Sonny and Cher. The former... More »
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Chaz Bono